Our Mission

Our mission is to protect sleeping babies from unexpected infant death. We do this by building advanced technologies that alert parents at the earliest possible time, giving them the fair shot they deserve to preserve the life of their baby. Our systems bring hospital precision to the home in a package that is easy to use for any parent or caregiver. We are on mission to transform infant sleep safety in the way the car seat has transformed infant travel safety. There is no cause we see as more important.



Dr. Ryan Santangelo

doc1As Co-Founder of SafeToSleep and proud parent of two, Ryan is on mission to help parents defend against the devastation of unexpected infant death. Ryan has spent the past 15-years working as a successful technology entrepreneur specializing in business strategy, technological innovation, and new product development.

Ryan and his brother Pete are established technology innovators that have created new industries with their uncompromising approaches to solving complex problems. They co-founded Secure Media Systems in 2007 where they designed and implemented a super-secure content engine for the U.S. state and federal correction systems. The company was acquired in 2012 and continues to operate as one of the largest and most secure systems of its type in the world. Ryan is also the co-founder and President of Dynamic Media, the largest location-based marketing technology company in North America.

A Michigan native, Ryan earned his Ph.D. in Organization and Management from Capella University where he constructed the model of technological innovation that the Santangelos use to bring product ideas from concept to completion. Ryan earned his MBA in finance from Walsh College and also holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Ryan enjoys racing and loves to spend time boating with his family on Michigan’s beautiful fresh-water lakes.

Pete Santangelo

doc2As Co-Founder of SafeToSleep and proud parent of two, Pete is focused on using his 15 years of tech entrepreneurship experience to redefine infant sleep safety and wellness. Pete’s expertise with manufacturing, development, and international business has worked as a core asset in the development of the SafeToSleep infant monitoring system.

Pete co-founded Secure Media Systems with his brother Ryan, and is co-founder and Senior Vice President of Dynamic Media, where he leads the company’s strategic partnerships with a focus on innovation, integration, and new technology.

A native of Michigan, Pete has a master’s degree in marketing from Walsh College and a bachelor’s degree in finance. Pete is a certified pilot with a commercial license. Pete enjoys the time he spends volunteering, providing services for people with medical and pressing human needs through Wings of Mercy.