STS100: Baby sleep wellness and breath monitor

Getting infants the best possible care
from the start of life

Clinically evaluated

Rigorously evaluated and validated by hospitals

The SafetoSleep100 underwent clinical evaluated and achieved validated and recognition from hospitals. The accuracy and sensitivity of the STS100 parallels that of hospital grade breath monitoring equipment.

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High sensitivity

Exceptionally accurate and sensitive

The durable and dependable nature of the optic fiber ensures that the STS100 is hardy enough to withstand heavy use without compromising on sensitivity.

Well designed

Designed with young infants and preemies in mind

The immature respiratory systems and frail skeletal structure of babies requires well designed and reliable support systems. The firmness of the STS100 mat was designed to provide the best possible care for infants while monitoring them.

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How it works


Place your baby on the SafetoSleep mat


Download the SafetoSleep app and pair the mat with your smartphone over Bluetooth


Begin monitoring your baby through the app


Improving productivity through technology

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Tech specs

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Where to buy

The STS100 is available
internationally through our
licensed distributors

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About the STS100

See how the STS100 is providing newborns and preemies the care they need

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